8 April

17:00 – 21:00

Tradepedia Founder & CEO
Avramis Despotis


Why Everyone should Trade?

Become financially independent by earning money from the Stock and Forex markets and improve your standard of living.

Learn Before You Trade

We offer Financial Education to all levels of traders whether novice or experienced we have the right course for you.

Algorithmic Tools

Our automated tools are designed to take the leg work out to technical analyses so you can get on with the important part – the actual trading.

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Introduction to Swing Trading

How is it that professional traders are in and out of the market before the average investor? What can they see that you don’t? This four hour seminar is designed to give you the tools and skills required to successfully trade the Forex markets.

During this seminar you’ll use our proprietary technical analysis tool, the Avramis Swing, to identify the trends of any currency – from their very beginning to the precise point they swing in the opposite direction. In a workshop type environment, you’ll learn to combine tops and bottoms, market sentiment and volatility and with the use of our Avramis Swing, quickly and easily spot the top trading opportunities.

And the great thing is that this is a Sponsored seminar – your only investment is your time! But, there are limited seats so reserve yours now.

This seminar is for you if you want to:

Correctly identify the trend of any currency
Easily assess the state of Forex markets
Spot the best trading opportunities
Understand how to effectively combine time frames
Learn how to accurately buy dips and sell rallies
Get the tools to scan the markets in minutes.

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